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Dr Jay Prashar
Dr Jay Prashar GDC Reg No. 66065
Dr Nathan Ellituv
Dr Nathan Ellituv GDC Reg No. 83193
Dr Sami Alam
Dr Sami Alam GDC Reg No. 115010
Dr Sara Cohen
Dr Sara Cohen GDC Reg No. 79518
Dr Effie Tsitoura
Dr Effie Tsitoura Periodontist Specialist
(Advanced Gum disease)
GDC Reg No. 80137
Dr Carl Manhem
Dr Carl Manhem Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist GDC Reg No. 75322
Dr Nojan Khalehoghli
Dr Nojan Khalehoghli Endodontic Spedialist GDC Reg No. 63621
Dr Tanya Ng
Dr Tanya Ng GDC Reg No: 230618

Hygienists & Therapists

Ramin Movahed
Ramin Movahed Dental Hygienist GDC Reg No. 273785
Jennifer Godwin
Jennifer Godwin Hygienist & Therapist GDC Reg No. 249873
Rohima Khatun
Rohima Khatun Hygienist GDC Reg No. 179635


Colleen Lee
Colleen Lee GDC Reg No. 108864
Monica Roman
Monica Roman GDC Reg No. 247251
Adina Prince
Adina Prince GDC Reg No. 274257


Larisa Pascale
Larisa Pascale Dental Receptionist
Ryan Norton
Ryan Norton Practice Manager
Franchesca Yamoah
Franchesca Yamoah Dental Receptionist
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