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New Smiles Designed by Our Master Technicians

Hand-crafted porcelain veneers allow you to create a whole new smile by altering the shape, size, position, brightness and whiteness of the teeth. At Glow dentistry, we meet hundreds of people each year who are thinking about porcelain for a brighter, whiter, straighter smile.

The major steps involved in a smile makeover are:

Step 1

Complimentary Discussion

Explore if a smile makeover is right for you, know exactly what your options are and the likely cost.

Step 2

Full Patient Exam

A close look at your smile. We take X-rays, scans, lots of photographs and videos and we make models of your teeth. We will prepare a wax replica of your new smile on models of your teeth.

Step 3

Preparation & Trial Smile

Everything has been designed from the model of your mouth we built following your Full patient Exam. Our ceramists will develop a ‘prototype’ smile. You will have an opportunity to see your new smile, in your own mouth, before we proceed to the final construction of your veneers.

Step 4


Once we have your feedback and you are 100% happy, the clinical team will reassess your case and begin to create that beautiful new smile.

Step 5

Final Fitting

This is where your temporary veneers and trial smile are removed and your final porcelain is fitted.

Step 6


After your initial review two weeks later, regular visits with our Hygiene team will help you look after that gleaming smile for life.

Dental Implants

Features and Benefits

  • Fix multiple problems. Including: gaps between teeth, minor spacing, rotated teeth and broken or damaged biting surfaces.
  • Uniformity of colour. Cover unsightly decalcification or demineralization spots.
  • Uniformity of shape. Give undersized teeth, uneven teeth and gummy smiles a new even presentation.
  • Natural looking. Choose a precise shade of porcelain close to your original teeth colour.

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