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Whitening Procedures

Safe Smiles: The Safest Way to Whiten Your Teeth

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Teeth whitening is a medical procedure. We strongly recommend that you only use trusted licensed products administered under guidance of dental professionals. To buy products online and administer them yourself is to risk the health of your teeth and gums in pursuit of a brighter smile

Safe Smiles

We’ve been working with the campaign Safe Smiles to urge people to make safe choices when considering dental treatment. We’d like to draw your attention to some essential guidelines you should follow if you wish to whiten your teeth.

Teeth whitening in professional hands

When it comes to teeth whitening, the best source of information is your dental team. We are fully qualified and licensed to perform whitening treatments, and we can take your dental needs into account.  Plus, you’ll get the best results. Dentists can treat you with 6% hydrogen peroxide (the bleaching agent that whitens teeth) – this is nearly 6,000 times stronger than any legal over-the-counter teeth whitening product. 

Teeth whitening by your dentist will not only be more effective, but it will also be safer. As before starting treatment, we’ll make sure your mouth is in a healthy condition.

Avoid online promotions and cheaper treatments

You’ll probably have seen teeth whitening kits and home treatments advertised on websites and social media.  Many of these products come from overseas so it is difficult to guarantee product ingredients or safety.  This might put your smile at risk from unregulated and illegal products with high concentrations of bleaching agents that can permanently damage your gums. 

Remember, it is illegal for anyone other than a qualified dental professional such as a dentist, dental hygienist, or dental therapist, to carry out teeth whitening. 

Care for your smile

A good daily oral hygiene routine can help your teeth stay clean and white. 

Twice daily brushing with a fluoride toothpaste and daily interdental cleaning can help preserve the natural colour of your teeth.  It can also extend the effects of a teeth whitening treatment.

Another tip is to cut down on the things that stain or discolour your teeth.  Certain foods and drinks like red wine, tea and coffee can all reduce the whiteness of your smile, as can smoking.  By reducing these, you may find it easier to preserve the natural colour of your smile.

At Glow, we offer Enlighten® whitening treatment. We are an Enlighten® Centre of Excellence - recognised by the brand leader in teeth-whitening treatments as the best in the local area.