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Patient Wellbeing

Safe Smiles: Always Seek Treatment from a Registered Dentist

smiling whilst receiving oral treatment

Whether you are considering straightening, whitening, reshaping, or repairing your teeth, we want patients to be aware that treatment is extremely complex and requires expert hands and a safe environment.

Unfortunately, many patients are making the mistake of attempting treatments themselves at home or following unsafe advice online. Others are choosing to have dental treatments carried out by people who are not legally allowed to do so.

Safe Smiles

We’ve been working with the campaign Safe Smiles to urge people to make safe choices when considering dental treatment. These are the key general messages and we’ll be looking at advice regarding particular treatments in the New Year.

  • Dental professionals have the very best training, qualifications, and experience to help you achieve the smile you are looking for.
  • Check that anyone who is offering dental treatment (including whitening) is registered with the General Dental Council. People that offer treatments and are not registered with theGDC are breaking the law, and there’s a reason it’s illegal: their lack of training could leave you with long term or permanent damage.
  • By going to a dentist, you will receive the best care and can guarantee the best results. This makes it the smartest and safest choice.

At Glow, all of our dentists, specialists, hygienists and nurses are GDC registered. We have a membership plan that includes special discounts on cosmetic treatments.