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Whitening Procedures

Lighter Smile: Dentist Supervised Teeth Whitening Procedures

teeth whitening procedures for happy teeth

Teeth whitening procedures gently lighten the colour of your teeth. This cosmetic treatment has grown increasingly popular in recent years as image-conscious people look to improve their smile. However, there has also been a rise in mouth injuries and dental trauma related to the inexpert application of bleaching gels. If you want whiter teeth, chat to your dentist about the most effective treatments. Don’t let an unqualified beautician go anywhere near your mouth with the hydrogen peroxide.

Home Applications

It is possible to buy teeth whitening treatments for self-application. These treatments (that can be bought over the counter in a pharmacy or ordered online) have some drawbacks. They don’t contain any active ingredient to actually have an effect on the whiteness of your teeth. An ill-fitting tray can cause the bleaching agent to come into contact with your gums, causing discomfort or even blistering. 

Beauty Salon Treatments

It is illegal in the UK for people without dental qualifications to provide tooth whitening services. 

Dentist Supervised Systems

A dentist brings expertise to the whole procedure – starting with determining whether the patient’s teeth are suitable for whitening and making sure that the patient knows how to use the equipment and preparations safely. If the patient experiences sensitivity or feels the application is not working, then a dentist or dental hygienist monitoring the procedure can make adjustments to improve results. At a final one-hour session, your dentist will ensure that the whitening is even and natural looking.

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