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Dental Hygiene

Hygiene Therapies: AirFlow Stain Removal

AirFlow dental hygiene treatment

Our hygienists are qualified in a range of therapies aimed at ensuring our patients are able to keep their smiles bright and healthy. One of our most popular treatments is AirFlow® Stain Removal which combines water, compressed air and bicarbonate of soda to gently eradicate plaque build-up and remove stains – all without damaging your tooth enamel!

What is AirFlow® stain removal?

The AirFlow® stain removal technique works by applying a jet of aerated water and mildly abrasive particulates that gently clean and polish your teeth. This an extremely effective method of dealing with plaque. As a bonus, the AirFlow® procedure will also remove many stains from your teeth.

How do teeth get stained?

Food and drink and tobacco can all stain your teeth. Coffee, tea and red wine are perhaps the most famous culprits, especially if consumed frequently.  However, stains can also be caused by berries, beetroot, fruit juices and even condiments such as balsamic vinegar and soy sauce.

Is Airflow a whitening procedure?

Procedures such as Enlighten® Teeth Whitening work by chemically whitening your teeth. AirFlow® stain removal provides a superb deep clean, removes stains and restores a natural whiteness to your teeth – but it will not dye your teeth a brighter shade of white.

Who is a suitable patient for AirFlow®?

All patients that come to our clinics for implant treatments and periodontal work can have a deep clean using AirFlow® products. Our hygienists can also supply AirFlow® treatment to any patients who wish to have unsightly stains removed. The treatment is especially suitable for removing the stains caused by tobacco use and coffee drinking.

Dental hygiene sessions are available at both of our clinics from £65. To book an appointment, call Hampstead 020 7433 3252 or Mill Hill 020 8906 7676.

Patients who have signed up to our Membership Plan get two annual hygiene appointments included amongst a host of additional benefits.

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