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Dental Implants

Essential Dental Implants Checklist

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So, you’ve decided to opt for life-enhancing dental implant treatment. You won’t regret it. Our implant patients report extremely high satisfaction rates with the procedure. In many cases, implants have restored the patient’s ability to eat normally and to smile with confidence. When choosing a clinic to perform your dental implant procedure, there are a few things you should bear in mind. Here’s our essential dental implants checklist:

How many procedures has your dentist performed?   

In the UK, dentists have to complete postgraduate training in implant dentistry under the supervision of an experienced mentor before placing their first implant. Ask your clinic how many procedures their implant surgeon has performed. At Glow, our implant specialist has placed over 40,000 implants. 

Where are the components being sourced from?

Find out what laboratory your implants are being manufactured in and do some basic research. Your implant will be grafted to your jawbone so you only want the highest quality components from specialist manufacturers. We use the award-winning lab Nobel Biocare – pioneers in implant technology with a long history of producing superior implant components.

What materials are being used to manufacture your restorations?

The ‘restoration’ is what dentists call your new artificial teeth. Once again this is all about the quality of something that will be a permanent fixture in your mouth. Our restorations are hand-crafted from the finest quality ceramics and colour-matched to your existing teeth.

What aftercare is available?

The most important factor in the success of implant dentistry is proper aftercare. Patients who experience implant failure usually have fallen out of a healthy oral hygiene routine or were never trained in one as part of their treatment. At Glow Dentistry, our implant specialist will guide you before, through and after the procedure. We also have a team of qualified hygienists who can deliver expert advice on caring for your implants as part of a healthy mouth.

If you have any questions at all about implant dentistry, we are more than happy to answer them. Please call our flagship clinic in Hampstead on 020 7433 3252 or our boutique clinic in Mill Hill on 020 8906 7676 and book a FREE consultation. Alternatively, you can email info@glowdentistry.co.uk.

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