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Eight Tips for Healthy Teeth This Summer

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June may have been something of a washout. But that only makes it statistically more likely that the weather will improve for the rest of the summer. Here are some tips for maintaining healthy teeth and gums while you’re out and about enjoying the sunshine. 

  1. Don’t brush straight after summer treats. Carbonated drinks or ice cream will cause a spike in acidity in your mouth. Remember to wait at least half an hour before brushing. The effects of acid erosion can actually be worsened by brushing immediately. 
  2. Use ‘sensitive teeth’ toothpaste. Our patients have reported improved ability to cope with cold foods and iced drinks after switching toothpaste to a brand designed to reduce sensitivity.
  3. Stay hydrated with fruit and water.  What could be nicer than a chilled slice of watermelon or a punnet of raspberries on a summer’s day! A few sips of water afterwards will rinse away some of the sugary residue from your teeth and gums.
  4. Never crunch ice cubes. Ice is a surprisingly hard substance that could easily cause a fracture in a tooth already weakened by decay.
  5. Chew sugar-free gum. This is a great habit to get into. The action of chewing will neutralise acid in the mouth.
  6. Keep to your routine. It can be tempting for tired kids to skip brushing when on holiday. Don’t let anyone in the family slacken their routine and ruin good habits.
  7. Enjoy alcohol sensibly. We’re not going to demand that you give up your chilled glass of rosé wine or ice-cold gin with tonic and lemon! Just be aware they are also highly acidic and act accordingly: chew gum, sip water, wait before brushing.
  8. Buy an electric toothbrush. Using an electric brush such as the Oral B 4000 Smart series is more effective at removing plaque than using a manual brush.

At Glow Dentistry, we have a team of talented dental hygienists on hand to administer advanced hygiene treatments and offer advice on maintaining a healthy smile all year round. To book an appointment, call our flagship Hampstead clinic on 020 7433 3252 or our boutique clinic in Mill Hill on 020 8906 7676. Alternatively, you can email info@glowdentistry.co.uk.

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