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Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners: A Revolution in Teeth Straightening

ITERO scanner

It used to be the case that straightening teeth meant months or years of wearing metal wire braces – the patient had to use special implements to keep their teeth clean and the apparatus could affect speech and eating. The development of removable clear aligners has changed everything. We thought we’d take a look at the developments in technology that have led to this revolution in how dentist’s approach teeth straightening.

iTero Scanner

The iTero intraoral scanner makes the initial map of your current tooth position. There is no need for the messy and time-consuming physical impressions that used to be made by having the patient bite down on an arch of goo, allowing the substance to set into a mould and then filling with plaster of Paris to create a representation of the teeth. Modern scanning technology allows us to create a three-dimensional digital impression of your tooth alignment as our starting point.

Outcome Simulator

Software that has been developed by the experts at Invisalign® can morph the digital impression of your teeth into your ideal smile. At your consultation, we’ll be able to show you in a few seconds the journey to straightness that your teeth will be taking over the coming months.

3D Printing

The series of aligners that you will be wearing will be 3D printed at the Invisalign® laboratory. They are designed to be worn 22-hours-a-day. Every couple of weeks, a new set of aligners will advance you to the next stage in your progression. Periodically, you will be seen by one of our dentists to check that everything is progressing as planned.

Advanced Materials

The aligners are manufactured from a smooth, comfortable plastic that is completely BPA-free. They are comfortable to wear and only need to be removed when eating and cleaning your teeth. They will be working their magic even when you are asleep!

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