Glow Kids

Glow Kids

To educate and reinforce the importance of good dental hygiene for your children, so they grow up with few fillings, if any, healthy gums and brighter smiles throughout their life is a fundamental belief at Glow dentistry. From an early age, even when your child is in the womb the importance of the Mother having healthy teeth and gums can be important to the wellbeing of the baby (research has highlighted that poor dental health of mothers can lead to under weight babies).

At Glow Dentistry we discuss what your child eats and the dental health issues that can occur as your child grows. The importance of a balanced healthy diet, including the best ways to get your child to be proud of looking after their teeth are always communicated in a friendly and motivating manner.

Children will be introduced to our hygienist and therapist when their adult molars start to come through, usually at around age six onwards. We use child friendly techniques to help get the length of time for effective brushing right, along with, discolouring solutions to highlight key areas to brush.

As children grow, they may have accidents and Glow Dentistry is very creative in helping provide solutions to whatever situations may unfold. When children need orthodontic treatments such as braces- we have the skill and care to elevate any concerns that your child may have regarding treatment and with our invisible ‘Teen’ Invisalign braces can provide the ideal solution to keep them smiling throughout their treatment—click here for ‘teen’ braces

Children of membership clients’ receive 20% discount on treatments

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