Dental Implants

Missing teeth have better solutions in the 21st century; dental implants are the most reliable of those. A typical dental implant is a customized tooth root (made of titanium or its alloy) that is inserted into patient’s  jaw bone to hold an artificial  tooth. These implants can serve as viable solution for those who have lost tooth/teeth due to periodontal disease, an injury, or some other reason. The process of inserting a dental implant comprises of a minimum of two stages and takes a number of months before it is complete. However, once implanted the artificial tooth behaves like a genuine one that even holds the bone structure of the mouth. A minor surgery is required to secure a dental implant. The surgery is carried out under the effect of a local anesthesia. The dentist administers a small cut at the site of the implant in your gum. A drill would be used to create a small hole where the artificial tooth is desired. During this phase the titanium rod will be fitted into the drilled hole. A relaxing period follows where the implant is allowed to heal. On examination and satisfaction shown by the surgeon the false tooth is placed over the implant.

“…dental implants feel like natural teeth”


Case Studies


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