Peter Ebstein’s Dental Implant Journey

“I had to place all my trust in Jay and Glow Dentistry and I am so glad I did”


Peter Ebstein, 75, from Belsize Park had a course of treatment at Glow Dentistry starting since 2009 that included implants, bridge work and bone grafts. Here he explains how satisfied he is with the work he’s had done.

Glow Dentistry was recommended to me by my GP, when I went to see him about a number of things including my teeth. I wanted a new dentist, and he recommended Glow Dentistry.

My first consultation was with Jay Prashar and that was the start of a course of treatment that took its own path, depending on what I had to have done at the time. Glow Dentistry has different dentists with different specialisms, so I would have an X-ray and then be treated by the necessary expert.

dental implants patient hampsteadI absolutely had to place all my trust in Jay and his team and hope that they would give me the best advice, and I feel very much that that is what they did. Jay spent a lot of time looking at X-rays of my mouth and making sure that what I underwent next was the right course of action.

Throughout the treatment things took their own course, a problem would pop up here, another there, and it was a case of which direction to take. Jay would say ‘Well I think it’s best if you see so-and-so and then see so-and-so’. It wasn’t a case of fixing a specific problem but following Jay’s recommendations. He always made sure that what I had done was the right thing.

All the work was done at the back, none at the front. At the front I have a Hollywood smile! Jay said, after my first X-ray, ’You have four teeth that have not been touched by human hands’ and they’re the ones at the front, the important ones. I was surprised by that and I must say, quite proud! 

glow dentistrySeven years later and I’m still very pleased with the result. It cost a few bob but it was money well spent because I want these teeth to last me for the rest of my life. I now go to the hygienist at Glow Dentistry three times a year, because I’ve had implants and it’s important to keep them clean. I also see Jay every six months. I may need further work later on because of my age and we’ll deal with that when the time comes, but so far so good.

I’ve recommended Glow Dentistry to other people, my mother-in-law and her sister, and they too have been very happy with them. It’s important to have confidence in your dentist and I have that in Jay and the team at Glow Dentistry.”



The Treatment


Dr Jay Prashar, who leads the team at Glow Dentistry, describes the work Peter Ebstein had done

glow dentistry“We started with getting Mr Ebstein’s mouth healthy, because bacteria in the mouth doesn’t just affect the teeth but whole body health. We always try to save what’s there, but we had to remove eight teeth and then clean thoroughly and fill what was left. There was also some old crowns and bridge work that was failing, which we also had to remove.

Mr Ebstein wanted new fixed teeth, so we carried out bone grafts to replace the bone that had been eaten away by the disease process. The grafts were performed in-house by our implant surgery and bone grafting specialist, Dr Carl Manhem. All our work is carried out in-house by our team of highly qualified experts. After waiting six months for the healing process to complete, we then inserted five implants and specialist bridge work to fill the space of eight teeth. We did the upper left side in one year and the lower left side the following year. The work was carried out over 18 months to make it far less stressful for Mr Ebstein and to help spread the cost.

Mr Ebstein now visits our hygiene team every four months for regular maintenance and restorative work, and he is happy with the result.”


 Implants: three things to remember to create teeth for life

  1. The skill of the surgeon. At Glow Dentistry we have highly experienced in-house specialists who’ve carried out 10,000 implants, not just a couple of hundred
  2. The quality of the product. We go to Nobel Biocare, world-class manufacturers of implants and prosthetics that uses only the highest grade materials
  3. The expertise of the technicians. We use the multi award-winning Knight Dental Design, with the refining and milling skills to craft implants that are an exact, precise fit









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