Implants: All-on-4


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Also known as same day teeth, all on 4 dental implants are used to replace the entire arch of a patient. The treatment is ideal for those wearing dentures due loss of whole set of teeth. Unlike the single tooth replacement this is a one step process in which healing of the implant is not required. The time required for surgery is less and multiple dental appointments are not needed. The process enhances facial aesthetics and is ranked highest for the level of comfort it provides. The procedure takes the following steps:

  • Two implants are inserted at the front and two at the back of the mouth
  • The implants at the rear end are adjusted such that they make an angle of 45 degree
  • Dense bone at the front of the mouth is used for supporting the arch
  • The implants are fixed with the arch of artificial teeth the same day
  • The patient is ready to beam with a refreshed look

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