Helping the poor children of Morocco- By Laura our Hygiene Therapist

Hi everyone,

I really just wanted to send a HUGE thank you to you all, as each one of you helped the children of Khizana in Morocco by donating to Dental Mavericks this year!

I am sorry for the delay in updating you about my trip, I’ve had a busy few weeks since returning to London.

The village is rural, and they do not have the services that we enjoy, and often take for granted  in the U.K. There is widespread poverty in this part of Morocco, and the people in Khizana don’t have much. They are however, incredibly grateful for what they do have, and were overwhelmingly thankful that we were there to help their children.

The trip was a huge success, we helped over 350 children out of pain! Most of the children were very young, and had terribly decayed teeth, some with large facial swellings. This can really affect a child’s life, as they are In daily pain. We removed any painful teeth, to get the children out of pain. This can often be a negative experience, especially for young children who have never seen a dentist before. It is also made more complicated as none of us are fluent in Arabic, so a lot of the communication was non-verbal. The team that I was working with was amazing, all volunteers from the U.K.
Dentists, hygienists and nursing staff worked together to try and provide a fun experience for the children, and most importantly a PAIN FREE one!

We worked tirelessly to treat all of the children who needed us, I won’t lie, it was hard work!
It was a very rewarding experience though, and one which will stay with me forever. I went through such a range of emotions, but ultimately I was so pleased to have been able to help in some way, as these beautiful children were in such dire need of our help.

With the money you donated, we were able to buy supplies and equipment. Local anaesthetics, syringes, gloves, etc.
We also left a years worth of toothpaste and brushes, along with fluoride treatments. The local nurse will apply this to the childrens teeth on a regular basis, and was trained by our volunteers. We also worked with a fantastic charity riffcom, who have recently built a school in the village. This is an amazing development for Khizana, as the children will have the opportunity for education.

I will be returning next year to Khizana, to continue this great work. I have decided that as well as trying to raise money, I will be collecting old sweaters and cardigans that perhaps your children have grown out of, it gets so cold in the mountains at night, and these would be of great use to the kids there. I will also be collecting second hand childrens shoes or football boots. Their shoes are very worn, and in some cases they have holes in the bottom. I did see a few children with no shoes at all…. Any small toys that are no longer needed would also be amazing! I will be in contact in the new year to arrange collection of these items if you have them.

Again, many thanks for being a part of my fundraising journey!

hygienist in hampstead


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